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Millie Phillips- My Story

I’m passionate about helping these wonderful organizations in our community.

The Atlanta Humane Society is near and dear to my heart. As the loving mother of four crazy cats, I deeply care about all living beings, animals included.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is another program that I feel strongly about. As a member of the catering industry, I feel that I have a responsibility to reduce the amount of food waste. I am actively involved in donating food to the food bank and I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in the annual Hunger Walk for the past two years. No one should ever have to go hungry, especially in our own country and backyard.

Lastly, My Sister’s House is a women’s and children’s homeless shelter that provides a loving, warm environment where they can feel safe and supported. It’s a place where not only their basic needs are met like food, shelter, and clothing, but also their emotional and spiritual needs. They have the opportunity to rebuild their lives with newfound dignity.

All of these programs fill me with the true spirit of what it means to give a hand up, not just a hand out.

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Thank you for your support,

Millie Phillips

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