Charity Support Foundation, Inc.(CSF) believes in transparency and following all non profit guidelines, rules and regulations. We are in full compliance with IRS and national non profit standards. Please see the most common Frequently Asked Questions below.


Who is Charity Support Foundation (CSF)?

Charity Support Foundation is a 501.(c)(3) public charity organization that helps to provide relief to the poor, distressed and the underprivileged by supporting local charities through community fundraising events and outreach. Charity Support Foundation’s initiatives help to support local charities through fundraising events ensuring that your local community benefits from your participation and fundraising efforts.


How much of my donation goes to the named charity for an event?

100% of the net proceeds go to the named charity for any of our fundraising events.


How does CSF pay their full-time staffing, organizational and operating costs?

We appeal to the highest nonprofit standards and operate at an average of 28% of annual gross revenues from our charity events and fundraisers.


How much does it cost to produce a fundraising event?

Event costs vary from event to event depending on what the event is and what is provided to the event attendees. Some events have a low production cost and others with, open bars, dinner, giveaways, live production, payments to event staff have a higher production cost. Attendees and donors expect a high-class event with many perks to encourage them to attend and therefore donate. We work with vendors who offer charitable discounts and also work to get items donated for each event free of charge. Meeting national nonprofit standards, our events range from 10%-50% in cost depending on attendee goods and services, offerings and benefits at the event.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Straight financial donations and voting donations that do not receive goods and services are 100% tax deductible. Per the IRS guidelines, if you receive goods and services like, food and beverage, entertainment, and other goods, a portion of your donation is reduced for receiving those goods. When you make your donation, we will email you a donation receipt that outlines what portion of your donation is tax deductible. We will also include our Tax ID info so that you can present your receipt and tax letter to your accountant for deduction.


Does CSF report or use my personal information in any way?

CSF holds our donor’s privacy in the highest regards. CSF is not required to report any donor’s private information on any governmental report or tax return. We are only required to report revenue and expenses unless under government subpoena or audit. We do not share your information with any marketing agencies and have a strict privacy policy. You will receive CSF event updates and newsletters and can unsubscribe from those if you choose to do so.