Charitable Giving

Our Mission: To provide relief to the poor, distressed and the underprivileged by supporting local, national and global charities through community fundraising events, outreach and student scholarships.

What Matters To YOU

You care about humanity and want to do your part. You believe in many causes and just don't know where to begin. Its time consuming to research charities and educational giving that matters to YOU. Are your contributions being realized within your community?

We have made all of this simple and easy to ensure your charitable giving goes exactly where you want it to go. Through our Fundraising Events, Mission Support and Student Scholarships, Charity Support Foundation donates to a wide variety of charities on local, national and global levels as well as furthering student education through our Scholarship programs.

Meet the Team

Nancy Whaley

Nancy Whaley

Executive Director

Nancy has more than 30 years of professional fundraising and event planning experience. Specializing in community based events, she has enjoyed the many relationships built while leading volunteers in the fundraising process.

Matt Clouser HS 3

Matthew R. Clouser


Matt is an philanthropist and business community leader bringing years of event planning, coordination, and business experience to the team. Matt is also involved in teaching, lectures and furthering student education in the Hospitality and Meetings programs for colleges and universities.


Aleska N. Jerez Silva

Administrative Assistant

Aleska is an organizational mastermind that assists our Event Teams and Mission participants with support, structure, goals and milestone tracking. Aleska also works with our student applicants and scholarship recpients.

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